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Cook County Supplemental Security Income Application Attorney

Illinois Lawyer for Supplemental Security Income Applications

The Supplemental Security Income application cannot be completed online like the SSDI application. Even if you hire a Social Security disability lawyer to help you with your claim, you will still have to make an appointment with the Social Security District Office to complete the first part of the SSI application. Many people make the mistake of completing the Supplemental Security Income Application and Disability Report online thinking that they are applying for SSI disability benefits, but that doesn’t complete the application process. While you can put a check mark on the application that you are interested in applying for SSI benefits, an actual appointment is required to complete and process the claim.

Why does the Social Security Administration make it so complicated to file for SSI benefits?

There are specific financial criteria that must be met for a person to even begin the SSI application process. For more information on the financial criteria for benefits and to receive help with the application for Supplemental Security Income, view our financial requirements page. By scheduling an appointment with an SSI claimant’s representative, it will be much easier to go through all of the financial rules and exceptions. For more information on how to apply for SSI disability benefits or if you would like to schedule a free, no obligation consultation, contact our law firm today at 312-999-0999.

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