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Mental Conditions and Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Severe Mental Impairments

The evaluation of any disabling mental condition begins with determining the degree of the limitation of the impairment and whether it will last for at least 12 months. There are numerous mental conditions recognized by the Social Security Administration. To evaluate whether a claimant is entitled to Social Security disability mental illness benefits, the Administration has divided mental disorders into 10 different categories, they are:

  • 12.01: Category of Impairments, Mental
  • 12.02: Organic Mental Disorders
  • 12.03: Schizophrenic, paranoid and other psychotic disorders
  • 12.04: Affective Disorders
  • 12.05: Intellectual Disability
  • 12.06: Anxiety-related Disorders
  • 12.07: Somatoform Disorders
  • 12.08: Personality Disorders
  • 12.09: Substance Addiction Disorders
  • 12.10: Autistic Disorder and other pervasive developmental disorders

When a claimant is suffering from a mental impairment that prevents him or her from working, the Social Security Administration will have limitations divided into various domains. They will determine whether you can perform activities of daily living, such as what you are able to do throughout the day. The Administration will also review your social functioning. In other words, can you be around people and if so, are there certain situations you need to avoid. What about your concentration, persistence, and pace? Will you be capable of focusing attention to various job tasks sufficiently long to perform on the job. Finally, have you had repeated episodes of decompensation for an extended duration that would preclude holding down gainful employment and possibly qualify you for Social Security disability mental illness benefits.

If you are suffering from a mental condition that prevents you from working, you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. It is important to have your condition documented by a medical professional, as the government will review medical evidence to determine whether you are entitled to the benefits.

Click here for a full Social Security disability list of mental impairments.

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