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Social Security Disability Attorney for Children in Cook County

Chicago Lawyer for Families with Disabled Family Member

In general, when a disabled child who has been receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) turns 18, the Social Security Administration (SSA) makes a redetermination to assess their continued eligibility for the program. At age 18, the child is now considered an adult and must meet the adult definition of “disabled.” This can sometimes result in the loss of benefits. During the redetermination process, it is important to have an experienced Social Security Disability benefits attorney by your side to ensure the SSA properly understands the condition of your disabled child so he/she can continue to qualify for SSI.

Pearson Disability Law, LLC was founded with the mission of helping adults and children in Chicago and throughout Illinois qualify for the disability benefits they need and deserve. Managing attorney Jonathan L. Pearson has dedicated his career to disability law and has a passion for advocating on behalf of those who have difficulty dealing with the government themselves. Mr. Pearson handles each case personally and works entirely on a contingency basis, meaning you never pay any upfront attorney fees. He also enjoys taking on the more challenging cases involving issues such as children and SSI and what happens when they become adults.

Meeting the Adult Requirements for SSI

When a disabled child turns 18, there are new sets of medical requirements that must be met during the redetermination. The requirements are similar, but there are some differences. For both children and adults, the SSA has a listing of impairments (often referred to as the Blue Book) that automatically qualify a claimant for benefits. Most of the listings in the Childhood Blue Book also appear in the Adult Blue Book, with a few exceptions. For this reason, if a child had a disability that met or was medically equivalent to a childhood listed impairment, their impairment will likely be listed (or be medically equal to) an adult listed impairment.

If the child does not meet or equal a listed impairment, they can still qualify for benefits by receiving a medical vocational allowance if their medical condition renders them functionally unable to work. In making this determination, the SSA examines evidence of a total disability, including medical records, statements from qualified health care professionals, statements from family and community members, and school records.

Maintaining eligibility for SSI benefits when a disabled child turns 18 can be challenging and confusing. At Pearson Disability Law, LLC, we believe you should not lose the critical benefits your child needs simply because of the complexities of the system. If you need help with an SSI age 18 redetermination or anything else related to Social Security Disability benefits, contact our office today at 312-999-0999 for a free, personalized consultation. We welcome the opportunity to provide any assistance you need with your case.

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