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Chicago Attorney for Social Security Disability Application

Social Security Disability Application Tips

Completing a Social Security disability benefits application is what gets the disability process started. The Social Security Administration gets hundreds of thousands of applications every year and does not have adequate resources to thoroughly build and investigate every claim. So it is crucial to do what you can to make sure that the process gets off on the right foot. We’re here to help you understand how to apply for Social Security disability. Below are some basic tips that can help give you the best odds for success, even if you are not working with a Social Security disability lawyer:

  1. Be honest—False comments and limitations will only hurt your claim in the long run.
  2. List ALL medical conditions—If a claimant is in constant pain from a particular condition it can be very easy to forget that other conditions can also create barriers and other limitations.
  3. Submitting medical records—gather any medical records that you already have and submit copies to SSA as soon as you complete the application. This can both speed up the process and insure that SSA has a more accurate picture of your limitations.
  4. List your applicable children on the application—Your children may be entitled to disability benefits if you win your case.
  5. Be as thorough as possible—The more dates and phone numbers that you provide in the application, the easier it will be for Social Security to gather your records.
  6. Complete the “optional” remarks section at the end of the application—This is an area where you can give a mini-biography of yourself and explain to the Social Security Administration why you deserve disability benefits.

If you live in Illinois and would like the contact information for your local Social Security office visit the SSA website.

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