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Cancer and Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Benefits Attorney in Illinois

Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits If I Have Cancer?

Cancer and Social Security disability can be a somewhat complicated issue. Disability benefits may be available if you have what the Social Security Administration determines to be a more serious form of the disease. The SSA takes into consideration key factors such as the types of treatment options that are available, as well as the disease’s prognosis and expected length of recovery. To get an idea as to whether a particular form of the disease is serious enough to qualify for disability benefits, consult the SSA’s most current list of Compassionate Allowances.

It is also important to consult with a knowledgeable Social Security disability attorney. Our law firm can help you determine if Social Security Disability for cancer may apply in your situation. Whether you are filing an initial application or have received notification of a denial of benefits, contact Pearson Disability Law, LLC at 312-999-0999 for a free consultation.

Is There A Specific Listing For Cancer Social Security Benefits?

The Social Security Administration recognizes cancer under the entirety of Listing of Impairments 13.00: Malignant Neoplastic Diseases.

Listing 13.00 can be found on the Social Security Administration website. Because there are so many different kinds of cancer we recommend that you visit the Social Security Administration website for more information on the condition that you or a family member may suffer from. However, because most of the listing is structured using medical terminology, it can be quite difficult to know whether you will meet a particular cancer listing. If you or a family member has cancer and is unable to work and want to know more about whether you might qualify for Social Security disability benefits (either SSDI or SSI), contact us.

If I Do Not Meet The Listing, Is There Another Way To Get Cancer Social Security Disability Benefits?

Yes! If you do not meet any of Listing 13.00 and cancer is preventing you from working, you may still qualify for Cancer Social Security disability benefits.
After your disability application has been submitted, the SSA will evaluate your case based on your capacity to do work, which is referred to as your Residual Function Capacity. In general, the lesser the amount of work you are still able to perform because of your illness, the greater your chances are of qualifying for Social Security disability.

At Pearson Disability Law, LLC, we can provide the aggressive representation you need to protect your legal rights regarding cancer disability benefits. We will fight to ensure you are placed in the Residual Function Capacity category that reflects your true capacity to perform work. By doing so, we can help you receive the full amount of benefits you deserve. Call today at 312-999-0999.

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