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Mental Illness and Social Security Disability Benefits

Are You Applying For Disability Benefits And Suffering From A Mental Illness?

If so, you may feel as though the Social Security Administration is making the process especially difficult for you. The truth of the matter is that you might be right. The Administration has set up a system based on certain particular rules and regulations. Many of those regulations ask claimants how long they can sit, stand or walk and how much weight they can lift and carry. Those questions do not readily translate for individuals suffering from mental illness. In fact, many claimants suffering from mental illness may appear as though they are perfectly normal. A judge’s first reaction when he or she sees you in the courtroom may be “this individual appears to be ok.”

Right off the bat claimants suffering from mental illness may feel like they have an uphill battle, even more so than any other individual applying for SSDI or SSI disability benefits. Getting approved for Social Security disability benefits can be a very difficult challenge, which is especially true for individuals applying and suffering from a condition that no one can readily see.

If you or a loved one suffers from a documented mental illness and is unable to hold down any full-time employment, our law firm would be more than happy to hear their story. Contact Pearson Disability Law, LLC at 312-999-0999 to schedule a free consultation.

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