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Call now to speak to a Social Security Disability lawyer, not a paralegal, about your situation.

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Chicago Social Security Disability Attorneys

Lawyers for Social Security Disability Assistance in Illinois

I manage each client myself and do not pass you along to a paralegal or assistant. You are hiring a lawyer to handle your claim and you will get the time, effort, and respect you deserve.

You are not alone. Call now for a FREE consultation 312-999-0999

Unable to travel to my office? No problem! No office visit required.

The Social Security Disability Application Process

If you have been out of work for at least one year due to a disabling condition, we can help you get started on your Social Security Disability application. It is important for your application to be as thorough as possible and present all information as best you can. This helps avoid unnecessary delays and increases your chances of approval during the initial application. Jonathan has handled thousands of applications for disability benefits and can ensure that yours is complete and includes all relevant information.

Social Security Disability Process

Denied Social Security Disability Benefits? There is Still Hope

A denial of Social Security Disability benefits is merely a setback and does not mean you cannot receive the benefits you deserve. Approximately 60% of claimants are denied. You are not alone and we are here to help.

If you are awaiting a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, your chances are greatly increased with a skilled lawyer in your corner. Whatever stage you are at in the process, we can help to resolve your claim.

Denied Social Security Disability Benefits


  • Thank you so much Jonathan. I was so tired of waiting almost 2 years for my disability hearing and you told me always stay positive and to not give up. You met with me before my hearing and told me what to expect and when you told me the judge approved my case I was so relieved! The Social Security disability payments I get allow me to keep seeing my doctors and really help us out. Thank you!

    - Shirley

  • Jonathan thank you for helping me win my Social Security disability case. You are so easy to talk to and don’t make me feel stupid each time I call with my questions.

    - Rene

  • Jonathan is very knowledgeable and pleasant,He is very considerate for his client and return my all phone calls promptly.I was very happy for his services. I highly recommend him to any body who needs attorney help.

    - S.P., Wheeling, IL

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