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Tips For Your Next Consultative Examination

 Posted on March 17, 2012 in Already Applied for Disability Benefits

You have applied for Social Security disability benefits, whether SSDI or SSI, and the government decides to set up an appointment for you to see one of their doctors. Is this a good thing? Below are some tips and basic information you should be aware of when you attend the exam:

1) The exam is not to figure out a way to improve your health. The doctor is not there to prescribe medication to you. It is supposed to be a non-biased exam to determine your medical condition and resulting functional limitations.

2) Make sure to bring with you all medications, braces, and ambulatory devices.

3) When the doctor asks you what problems you have, make sure to mention everything that is causing you pain, whether physical or mental. The doctor may not have read your file and will need you to tell him or her everything about your condition(s).

4) You must attend the examination even if you do not feel like it. Failure to attend the examination could result in a denial of Social Security disability benefits.

5) You should not expect the examination to be a good experience. In fact, you may only be there for 5-10 minutes before being told that exam in finished. Sometimes the doctors are flat our rude. Remember, the examination is not being done by your treating physician. The doctor is not your friend and is not there to comfort you. Do the best you can and try to take the entire experience with a grain of salt.


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