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Surveillance-System Monitor and Disability Benefits

Posted on in Social Security Disability

Are you applying for Social Security disability benefits? Did the government deny your disability benefits claim, stating that you are “capable of working?”

The overwhelming majority of disability benefits claims are denied.  This is especially true for younger individuals who often times have to prove to the government that they are incapable of performing most jobs in the economy.  One job that the government often uses to deny claims is that of a surveillance-system monitor.
A surveillance-system monitor is defined by the Dictionary of Occupational Titles as someone who:
“Monitors premises of public transportation terminals to detect crimes or disturbances, using closed circuit television monitors, and notifies authorities by telephone of need for corrective action: Observes television screens that transmit in sequence views of transportation facility sites. Pushes hold button to maintain surveillance of location where incident is developing, and telephones police or other designated agency to notify authorities of location of disruptive activity. Adjusts monitor controls when required to improve reception, and notifies repair service of equipment malfunctions.”
A surveillance-system monitor, by definition, is a very simple, easy job.  The position can be learned anywhere from a few days to a month and is a sit-down job requiring little if any lifting and carrying.  Does the job really exist in significant numbers in the economy?  Maybe, maybe not. Nonetheless, many claimants will have to go into a disability hearing and prove to an Administrative Law Judge that they are incapable of performing this relatively easy job.  This can be extremely difficult.  A number of times in court I have personally witnessed Vocational experts argue that someone with little to no use of their arms can still perform at this position.  Do you think that you can prove to the government that you are incapable of performing very simple jobs, like that of a surveillance-system monitor?  If not, I strongly encourage you to seek out a Social Security disability attorney to help you with your case.

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