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Social Security Disability Benefits and Judges

Posted on in Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration does not tell claimants nor their representatives who the judge will be prior to attending the scheduled court date. Whether the decision to hold claimants in the dark on this issue is the right thing to do or even legal is part of a separate and later discussion. The thrust of today's topic has to do with preparing for your upcoming hearing once you arrive at the hearing office for court. When you walk into the hearing office to check-in, the person working at the front desk will most likely finally tell you who the judge is.  What can you do with this information?

http://www.disabilityjudges.com/search is a wonderful website that can be used to learn more information about the Administrative Law Judges ("ALJ") throughout the United States.  Comments and approval ratings for each of the ALJ's can be found within the "Search for Judge" button found on the homepage of the website.  If you hired a Social Security disability attorney to help you with your disability benefits claim, any information you provide your attorney about a judge could be quite helpful.  Also, finding out more information about your judge could prove to reduce your anxiety leading up to the actual hearing.

Keep in mind that while the website contains a lot of information about ALJ's throughout the United States, it is no substitute for the knowledge of a seasoned Social Security disability lawyer.  Many disability attorneys know the tendencies, likes/dislikes, and particular procedures in place for particular judges. This information cannot be found on the website and is often crucial in a disability hearing.




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