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Should I Hire A Disability Lawyer?

Posted on in Social Security Disability

Hire a Nevada or Illinois disability lawyer as soon as you even think about applying for Social Security disability benefits.

Here is why:

-A disability lawyer can significantly increases your chances of winning your case.

-A Social Security disability lawyer does not get paid ANYHING unless you win. This means he or she has a personal stake in your case. This also means that you can hire the very best to help you and it will cost you NOTHING upfront.

-The process is filled with red-tape, making it difficult for people suffering from even the worst conditions to get approved. Many claimants suffering from AIDS and Cancer for example are denied 3, 4, 5 ...even 6 times!

-Even if you are successful and your case is approve, that does not mean Social Security will give you all of the money you are owed. A disability attorney will work diligently to try and help you get all of your back benefits from the onset of your disability.

Disability attorneys have very different policies regarding when they will take on a case. Some attorneys accept claims at any level while others will only help an individual after the claim has been denied. Make sure to ask a lawyer upfront when they can help you. We strongly encourage claimants to hire a disability lawyer as soon as they even think of applying for disability benefits.

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