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Question And Answer Disability Benefits

Posted on in Social Security Disability

"I had a disability hearing last week and the judge asked me all sorts of questions about what I do at home and around my house. What does this have to do with me getting disability benefits?"

I received the question above a few days ago. When the Social Security Administration schedules a disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, he or she must determine whether the claimant is capable of working. To do this, it is common for the judge to ask questions to shed light on a claimant's limitations.

Can you cook, clean, or do laundry? In other words, is the claimant capable of completing basic tasks that require a certain degree of effort.

Do you walk to the park or go grocery shopping? In other words, would the claimant be able to perform a job that involves standing and moving about throughout the day.

Do you read, perform tasks on the computer, or have any hobbies? In other words, can the claimant perform a sit down job completing certain basic work related tasks.

A judge will ask a number of questions at a hearing with the purpose of trying to better understand the claimant and his or her limitations. The more limited a claimant is the more likely it will be difficult for him or her to sustain full-time employment. These are all questions a judge will ask before he comes to a Social Security disability benefits determination.


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