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How to Speed Up an Application for Disability, Part 2

 Posted on September 27, 2009 in Already Applied for Disability Benefits

In the previous post, I discussed two ways that an individual can insure that they are doing all that they can to make sure that the Social Security application process is going as quick and smoothly as possible. The first way is to go out and hire a claimants representative or an attorney. This will give you the best possibility of obtaining a disability award. The second way is to make sure that SSA has a signed copy for the SSA Form 827-Authorization to Disclose Medical Information. I noted that it is very rare that SSA will actually speed up a case and will only happen in very limited circumstances. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you do all that you can to help ease the process for SSA. Two other ways that you can insure that your application process is not being slowed down is by fully completing the Adult Disability and Work History Report and by not ignoring letters from SSA.

When filling out the Adult Disability and Work History Report, list all relevant doctors that you have seen for any of your conditions. The local DDS will make a decision regarding your disability. Their decision is based upon the medical information that you provide and they collect. The important point to note is that DDS does not determine which records they should review. Therefore, you are your own advocate and must point SSA in the direction that you believe will highlight the areas of your case and give them the best opportunity to discover why you truly feel that you are disabled. For example, if you have mobility problems with your back, then the SSA does not need to review your past eye exams from your eye doctor. Although this might seem obvious, extra records can confuse DDS and slow your application process down.

Another important method of insuring that your application is being taken care of as effectively and efficiently as possible is to not ignore any of the letters you receive from the SSA. The SSA might ask you to fill out questionnaires or schedule appointments with the doctors after you have made application. Make sure to fill out all of the requested information as soon as possible. Confirm appointments quickly, keep those appointments, and do everything you can to respond to SSA.

In general, to speed up the SSA decision process, don't give them a reason to slow it down. Be responsive, be proactive, and be your own advocate.

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