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How to Speed Up an Application for Disability, Part 1

 Posted on September 24, 2009 in Already Applied for Disability Benefits

One of the most frequently asked questions my clients come to me with is how they can speed up their application process for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). And, I always answer the question with a very long drawn out sigh. If you recall in my post, "The Terrifying Backlog at ODAR," most SSDI claims last a very long time and sometimes from start to finish the case can last for over a year and a half. Due to the combination of a very long backlog at ODAR and the complexity of the SSA disability process, it is very difficult to speed up an SSDI application and can be done only in limited circumstances. Those limited circumstances where SSA will specifically speed up applications are for only very rare and serious fatal forms of cancer and a few other terminal/fatal illnesses.

If it is really rare that SSA will speed up an application, it is important that you do your part to not slow the application process down. One way you can prevent this from happening is by hiring a claimants representative or attorney who specializes in Social Security disability cases to assist you in your case. Only hire someone who will actually help you make application. Most claimants representatives and attorneys will not help you make application because it takes so much time and effort. Often times claimants go online and fill out an application and think they have completed the Social Security application process. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. The proper and complete application consists of three items: the application, Adult Disability and Work History Report, and a properly executed and delivered copy of the Authorization to Disclose (SSA Form 827). Without all three items completed and received by the SSA, they will not even begin to evaluate the claim. By hiring an experienced claimants representative or Social Security disability lawyer to work on your claim, your application will be initially started with the very best possibility to win your claim.

Another way you can prevent your claim from being interrupted is by making sure SSA has a copy of the SSA Form 827-Authorization to Disclose Medical Information. The SSA Form 827 is the medical release form that allows the SSA to begin collecting information from your doctors, hospitals, and clinics. Until the SSA receives this form signed by you, the Administration will not begin determining your claim. Your claimants representative or attorney should provide you with one of these and the SSA will mail one to you after you make application.

By hiring a claimants representative or an attorney who specializes in Social Security disability and filing your SSA Form 827 you can insure that your claim is not being drawn out by SSA to the best of your ability. SSA already has a backlog and thousands of other cases to work on, why give them any reason to make your case one of the thousands it puts aside for another day

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