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Get It Written Down!

Posted on in Social Security Disability

I called a client of mine today to let her know that we had won her disability case. After trying to obtain Social Security disability benefits by herself for over four years, she was elated with the big news that the fight would finally come to a close. She could not believe that it only took three months with our firm to get her the benefits she deserved after trying for so many years by herself. I told her that it was because of her thorough medical records that we were able to win so quickly. She responded, "My records are so thorough because every time I go to the doctor, I tell him to make sure to write down everything I tell him, every complaint, and every pain I have, if you don't do that then no one will ever know what you have." And you know something, she is right!

One of the best things an individual can do when applying for Social Security disability benefits is to make sure that all of the complaints and medical issues are in writing. Too often, I attend hearings where there are gaping holes in medical records. I find myself wishing, "If only some of the obvious ailments that this claimant has were in writing and documented." While some medical conditions are more obvious than others, nothing can replace having those conditions well-documented by a medical doctor. While it may seem like an obvious statement, making sure all of your concerns and issues are in writing can make the difference between winning and losing your Social Security disability claim.

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