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Drug Abuse And Alcoholism

Posted on in Social Security Disability

Yes, drug abuse and alcoholism can have a significant impact on your Social Security disability benefits claim. In fact, drug abuse and alcoholism can potentially disqualify a claimant from receiving benefits, regardless of the severity of the medical condition. In other words, a judge can make his or her decision before you even get to arguing your case and why you are disabled. We strongly recommend claimants to stay away from drugs and if it is still a problem when applying for disability benefits, to seek out professional counseling and/or treatment.

In the rare circumstances that drug abuse or alcoholism does not disqualify a claimant outright, it can nonetheless significantly damage the credibility of the claimant. Drug abuse and alcoholism begs the question:

-If you were not on drugs, would your condition improve to the point that maybe you could work at a job full-time?

-If you really are unable to afford medical treatment, how can you possibly afford drugs?

-Is your medical condition being compromised specifically due to the drug abuse or alcoholism?

-How believable is the claimant's statements given the drug abuse problems?

All of these questions will significantly impact a Social Security disability case, whether the claimant is applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Not only is it best for your actual health and well-being to stay away from harmful drugs, but it is the opinion of this Social Security disability lawyer that it can ruin your case outright if there is a documented history of drug problems.


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