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Common Mistakes On SSI Disability Applications

 Posted on January 30, 2013 in Need to Apply for Social Security Disability

1) Disability Onset

Most claimants try to push their onset of disability back as far as possible, thinking that they will get more money in back-benefits when they win their case. This is not accurate. The maximum allowable back-benefits for an SSI application is likely the date of filing. Making the mistake of pushing the alleged onset back too far can have significant consequences when it comes time for DDS to evaluate your claim.

2) Income

SSI and SSDI have very different financial requirements. Whereas SSDI examiners look at wages when evaluating the claims, SSI has to do with income and assets. Typically, an individual's countable resources cannot be worth more than $2000 and $3000 for a couple. Many claimants filing for SSI disability benefits become frustrated when they realize that their claims are denied for financial reasons, namely, too much income. This can be particularly frustrating when someone you live with ends up financially impacting your claim.

3) Food Stamps and SSI

Typically, if a claimant meets the financial criteria to obtain food stamps he or she will meet the financial criteria to apply for SSI. However, getting food stamps DOES NOT mean that you will automatically receive SSI disability benefits. To win an SSI disability benefits claim, one must prove that he or she is disabled and cannot work.



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